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Customer Reviews


I don't normally write reviews, but this system has everything you need for security of your home. Cameras are well constructed and plug and play. Installed recorder next to livingroom TV. HDMI to TV and ethernet cable to modem. Supplied instructions easily showed my wife and I how to install the apps on our phones to view our 4 cameras. I have Android and she has Apple. Easy to create accounts via recording device and supplied mouse. Everything worked to perfection and had entire system installed in 15 minutes. Difficulty level of 2 out of 5 for do it yourselfers, maybe a bit higher, if you need to drill through walls to get to 110v outlets. We already had outside outlets available for each camera. Would recommend to friends.

—— Ms_Busybody

Received in perfect condition, easy to set up. The cameras worked as soon as I put power to the monitor. Had a couple problems trying to see on pc and mobile so I emailed customer support. Very quick to get back to me by email. I was still having a problem trying to figure out 1 problem. Tara phoned me quickly figured out the problem I was having. Works on both a PC and mobile phone.... Great Customer Service. As far as the cameras they seem to work great. Able to zoom out without it going blurry. Night vision, pictures are clear. Was able to record a video off of nvr quickly to USB stick.. Pictures above are taken from inside of house through the window.

—— Mel H

This was bought to replace a ten year old system. Great company to deal with answered all my questions (before purchase). Cameras relative easy to install linking to the recorder unit with no trouble. great picture quality and easy to use software...bearing in mind my old system was a bit "clunky". Have yet to use the backup feature but it appears to be straight forward.
The power lead for the recorder could have been a tad longer in length but was OK. All the power leads were marked to make it easy to connect up.
In all delighted with the system and niggle the flashing indicator lights at the front of the recorder are very bright so choose carefully where you position it. Can't comment on durability just yet.

—— Thepitz

 Anfangs war ich mir nicht ganz sicher, wie gut die Qualität sein wird, aber alle Kameras haben mittlerweile schon starken Regen überstanden. Die Bildqualität ist sehr gut und die App erkennt, wenn man über mobiles Internet darauf zugreift und spart Daten. Der NVR ist sehr leise und darüber (und über die App) lassen sich alle Kameras steuern. Am besten finde ich bei den PTZ Kameras, dass die hellen LEDs an gehen, wenn sich jemand auffällig nähren sollte. Die Nachtsicht in HD ist sehr gut. Weil in Deutschland keine Straßen zu sehen sein dürfen, habe ich einfach etwas Isoband auf eine der Kameras geklebt, erfüllt seinen Zweck zu 100%.
Alles in allem sehr gut! Ich fühle mich deutlich sicherer und nutze das System, um auch von unterwegs über Bewegungen rund ums Haus informiert zu sein.

—— Maurice Offermann




—— 武竿

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