Why we need a set of home security camera system

According to 《Securing Home and Buisiness》 by Simon Hakim/Erwin Blackstone, unsecured homes are 2.7 times more likely to be targeted by thieves than those with security camera systems;According to another UNC report, 83% of burglars check whether there is an alarm system before entering a home, and 60% avoid homes with security camera systems.As can be seen, the visibility and intimidation of the monitoring system effectively reduces the likelihood of house theft, and the homeowner can remotely monitor the square house at any time.(Data source :FBI and NEWS)
Most people believe security camera systems are necessary if you live in a community with inadequate security, but a community with good security will also have thefts and other unpleasant events. Also,to evaluate whether you need to install home security camera system around your home, you can also use the following four websites.
Four websites to help you stay safe around your home
One of the largest crime information websites in American, as long as you enter the address or area, the latest crime incidents will be marked on the map.Users can also set up a crime alarm bell, which will notify users by email if a crime occurs within the designated range; Additionally, the user also can report the crime online directly.Another website, Crime Mapping, has a similar function.
The website provides detailed information on American cities, including crime rates, security, school districts, etc.Users can search for the most suitable cities and communities to live in according to their needs.
The only official American website dedicated to sexual assault-related cases. Simply enter information such as address, zip code, city or the name of the sexual offender to search for relevant information.
Users can upload criminal incidents, including images, videos, recordings, and connect directly with the police station in cases of danger.Set a safe area on the child's phone using this app. An alert will be sent to the parent when the child's activity range exceeds the safe area.
Advantages of security camera systems
1.Security cameras have a deterrent effect
2.Monitoring caregivers and nannies at home to prevent abusive behavior
3.To avoid damage to property, monitor the work of indoor cleaners and gardeners
4.Steer clear of thefts of packages
5.Stay informed about your home's activities
6.Keep an eye on your pets' movements at home
7.Make sure the garage door, home lights, etc., are working.
When selecting a security system, what are the key functions and features to consider?
1.Considering the number of cameras required and scalability:
Location and coverage area of the cameras are key factors in ensuring the safety of a home.When choosing home security cameras products, choose those that allow adding any number of cameras at any time to ensure future management is simple. For home use, only 4 cameras are needed to monitor key areas, but 8 cameras can monitor every aspect of the house.
2.Appearance of the camera:
Generally, dome cameras are less noticeable and concealed. The bullet-type cameras are more obvious,It’s usually deliberately discovered by thieves to play a deterrent role.
3.HD quality: Police investigations indicate that most surveillance videos cannot be used as evidence because of poor video pixels.With a high-quality security camerasystem, important clues such as license plate numbers, faces and clothing features can be easily identified.
4.Wide-angle requirements: It has a field of view of more than 90° and the lens size is less than 2.8mm, which is called a wide-angle lens.Wide-angle lens cameras can be used outdoors to monitor a wider field of view.
Equipped with 4 night vision lights and advanced PIR motion detection, Built-in 130 degree wide-angle monitoring, this security camera is a good protector for your family and house property.

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