Prioritizing locations for surveillance camera installation

 ——Build the highest level monitoring system
One of the biggest mistakes many people make when using an outdoor security surveillance camera is improper positioning. Location is important when installing surveillance cameras.Shooting from an incorrect angle is a bad way to monitor security, and it won't help. Generally, surveillance cameras are installed at four locations: front door, side and rear doors, windows, and garage.
  Most law-abiding people don't consider the thief's thoughts, even if we know it's not safe, but we won't ignore it . Without security cameras outside, thieves will come to your door.According to studies, 83% of the population will immediately determine whether there are cameras around the home and leave if they do.The reason for this is very simple: the surveillance system is too rigorous, and the thieves can't escape the monitoring.
  Motion detection and alarm functions are available on surveillance cameras these days.It doesn't matter what time of day it is, as long as someone enters the surveillance camera will send out an alarm signal, and it will take a picture and send it back to your mobile phone to remind them to break in. There are fewer risks if we are able to plan ahead.Thieves can only bypass the surveillance and enter the room, and installing a surveillance camera can eliminate the risk of being stolen to a certain extent.
  A well-located outdoor security surveillance camera can help in 3 main ways:
1.Deter potential thieves
2.Identify intruders who ignore or fail to notice the camera
3.Increase chances of catching them
Where you want to mount your monitors isn't necessarily the best place to mount them. For now, I'll recommend the four best places to place home security cameras:
Priority One: Front Door
  You really need a surveillance camera to monitor your front door. About 34% of burglars entered a home from the front of the house. Still, most homes tend to place video surveillance cameras on the eaves of the roof. The best place to place the camera is on the exterior wall of the balcony on the second floor, at an angle downwards, which is ideal for recording facial features. Because most burglars try to break into the front door first, it's ideal to have a camera capture their facial features the first time they make the move. My advice is to make the front door security camera a priority.
Priority two: side door or back door
  If the front door isn't a good choice, burglars can either move on, try their luck at the side door (if there is one), or head straight to the back of the house. The report estimates that 22% of burglars enter homes through back doors. They know that in most homes, the back door is not as secure as the front door, but if the front door works, it's usually the first choice. Thieves are usually gangs, and first, someone will step on the back door of someone else's home. Since the back door is the second-choice entry point for burglars, you should place your second security camera here. If there is a window near the door, place the camera in both locations.
  When your home has a backyard, you can choose to place the camera on the fence, so that you can monitor the distance of the entire fence. Most garden sheds are stocked with valuable garden tools, power tools, bicycles, etc. You might consider this when designing your outdoor security camera network.
Priority Three: Windows
  About 23% of burglars would break into a home through a first-floor window if the door couldn't be accessed. They prefer windows facing the street or at the back of the house. If you have such a window, this is the third entry point for burglars. A visible indoor security camera placed on a table at an angle is a good deterrent. After all, no burglar likes to be caught out before entering a house.
Priority Four: Garage
  9% of burglars entered through an adjacent garage, often their last attempt after failing to break in through a door or window. So consider pointing your security camera at the garage door.
  According to big data statistics:
  81% of break-ins occurred on the first floor
  4% of burglars will enter homes through basements
  12% casually walk in through unlocked entrances
  2% of break-ins occur on the second floor
  This is just a quick guide on the best places to place your outdoor cameras. If you need to explore monitoring types and their various capabilities, check out our other articles!!!