How to select a camera for preventing child safety hazards

Recently, I saw this scene and was touched:
Monitoring shows that the little baby crossed the designated safety zone without any supervision. It was very thrilling. Fortunately, nothing happened. It is impossible to imagine what would have happened if an accident had occurred at that time.
In life, similar things happen time and time again because the child is young and doesn't understand why the danger exists.Busy household chores always make you unable to accompany your children all the time. Furthermore, when the child is very young, the corners of the coffee table, the water bottle placed on the table, the plugged-in power supply, etc., become "safety hazards", which are easy to ignore at home.There are still surveillance cameras installed in the home because the resident is still concerned about security, but what if we are not there? There are two ideas i gleaned from this experience:
Most surveillance cameras can only display surveillance video, but at home, it is essential to find one that can be used for two way audio and auto tracking. You can also imagine a 360° horizontal panorama monitor, which has a fast gimbal speed, and a higher sensitivity for capturing the images. This will give you greater peace of mind when you have work to do and your child is playing alone.
The FJ2C of Hiseeu has not only the above functions, but also two way audio, so you can watch the movements of the baby in real time, to ensure its safety.It's possible to catch up in time even if something goes wrong.
Surveillance cameras installed one at a time may not suffice. Moving is one of children's favorite activities, and there are a lot of activities at home as well. It's best to increase safety measures in the living room and other areas to prevent bumps.
Comprehensively detect the coverage area of the detector. An alarm sound will sound once the baby enters the dangerous zone, and the appropriate signal will be sent to the mobile phone in time.The baby is known to us from the start.
The existence of hidden dangers in life makes it hard to prevent, but with safety monitoring, when you are not around your children, you can minimize the "hidden harm" to your children, and you can always see their movements when you miss them, of course. In addition, these also apply to preventing theft, killing two birds with one stone, why not do it? In short, the most reliable way is to hold the peace of mind firmly in your own hands.