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How to solve "Resolution too big"?

Our system upgraded , the "Resolution too big" camera is 3MP, old system can't work with 3MP camera

1. right click your NVR mouse choose system admin--system version to check NVR version is 2.8 version or 3.0 version

2. if it is 3.0 version, you can upgrade it to latest firmware then it can support 3MP cameras ( version and above version)

how to upgrade to NVR?

1) Online upgrade : go to system admin-system upgrade-then click online upgrade, wait for it upgrade successfully, then camera will show image

2) Offline upgrade, please email with your system version page , then she can provide firmware to you

3. if it is 2.8 version,the only way can fix is to upgrade camera firmware

right click your NVR mouse--system setup--system admin--IPC maintance, then take a screenshot of camera version, email : for resolution too big problem.

4. after you get the firmware, please copy to your USB DISK root, format should be FAT32,go to IPC maintance page--click the correct channel--click start--remove mouse --insert USB disk--wait for camera upgrade successfully

5. go to system setup--channel setup--encode setup--find correct channel--change resolution from 2304*1296 to 1920*1080.

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